$105 / individual Registration Cost

Event Title: 2020 Super Series
Comments: The 2020 Super Series will consist of teams that have been selected by the Junior and Senior Qld State Cups.

All Players who have been selected and wishing to take up their position are required to order a uniform.

IMPORTANT: ALL Junior Registrations are due by Friday the 21st Of Feb 2020

***Please ensure you select your team and division***

COSTS: Tournament Fee $105.00
Uniform: Playing Shirt $35.00
Playing Shorts $35.00
Tights $45.00

Original End Date: 14/6/2020
Start Date: 12/6/2020
Open Date: 3/2/2020
Refund Policy

1.Registration is not transferable to another event
2.Non-attendance does not qualify for a refund
3.An injured player may be eligible for a registration refund if a medical certificate is provided and a replacement player is found. Note: Uniform fees will not be refunded unless they are on sold to replacement player
4.Non-attendance due to suspension will not entitle you to a refund regardless of timing to event
5.Shadow/Development players will receive a refund for their registration if they are not brought into the team. Any gear ordered will be provided
Nominations Close: 30/3/2020
Event Ends: 20/12/2020


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Kawana, QLD 4701
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Richard Kneipp
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